President of the Assembly
Professor J. K. Zhang, Jingyi University
Professor M.L.Cheng from South China University of Technology

Technical Support
Professor Wang Yucheng, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Professor Tonape Menosil, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Professor Cleveland, University of California, Berkeley
Professor Alston, University of Maryland
Professor J.H.Hu , Xi'an Jiaotong University
Professor KrisStimme, National University of Mexico
Professor AnnerEngielude, Catalonia Polytechnic University
Professor Gristone Kiexol, Laval University
Professor PreedMilOe, Aalborg University
Professor Ronills Hennalisio, National Central University of Taiwan
Professor Burokei, Illinois Institute of Technology
Professor JennsenoMeilos, University of Leuven, Belgium
Professor Y.M.Liu , Qingdao Technological University
Professor J.F.Zhang , Anhui University of Engineering
Professor Lenut Wonteirfe, Madrid Polytechnic University
Professor FlemmingWoldbye, University of Newcastle
Professor Grennal H. Tolaisl, Murdoch University
Professor Criamols Pollarnn of Flinders University
Professor Muogniop Tronsoa, Tokushima University
Professor H.G. Tonnaif, Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne
Professor Yon Jina of Incheon University
Professor Braonn Chen, System Design and Testing Center
Dr. Mon Rallois, Big Data Research Center
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Important Dates

Round 1

Submission Deadline: 

August 20, 2020

Registration Deadline: 

August 25, 2020

Round 2

Submission Deadline: 

October 9, 2020

Registration Deadline: 

October 14, 2020

Round 3

Submission Deadline: 

November 15, 2020

Registration Deadline: 

November 20, 2020

Conference Date

November 23-24, 2020

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